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Nuestro equipo / Our team
Brenda Torres Barreto
Brenda Torres Barreto
Executive Director

Through the Program, Torres-Barreto coordinates multisectoral efforts, empowers citizens to be part of the restoration process and ensures the well-being of metropolitan area residents.

Dr. Jorge Bauzá-Ortega
Dr. Jorge Bauzá-Ortega
Scientific Director

His passion for academia and science has led him to publish several books of his authorship. He has also been Editor of Sciences of several publishing houses recognized in Puerto Rico, such as Ediciones SM and Editorial Santillana.

Eliezer Nieves
Eliezer Nieves
Education Manager

He is an educator par excellence. His passion for education has led him to create workshops and seminars for the benefit of children and youth in Puerto Rico. He has certifications of manager, planner, coach and interpretive guide from the National Association for Interpretation.

Cristina Ramírez
Cristina Ramírez
Coordinator of Alliances and Community Outreach

Within her research interests are the management of solid waste and the study of marine garbage focused on ocean microplastics.

Carola Díaz
Carola Díaz

Manages the Estuary’s financial affairs, and manages federal funds.

Cathy Ortiz
Cathy Ortiz
Assistant Executive Director

Since 1995 she has been managing administrative affairs.

Carmen Rosa Valentín del Río
Carmen Rosa Valentín del Río
Administrative Assistant
Harold Manrique Hernández
Harold Manrique Hernández
Monitoring Coordinator

At the Estuary, Harold coordinates the Water Quality Monitoring Program with volunteers, and actively participates in the Certification of the Scientific Citizen. He is an expert in water quality monitoring, research and statistics.

Katia Avilés
Katia Avilés
Proposal Writer

Specialist in writing proposals.

Tamaris Fournier
Tamaris Fournier
Media Coordinator

Tamaris directs the Estuary Program’s communications efforts. Her duties include: creating strategic plans, events and relationship with the media, aimed at raising awareness of the conservation of the bodies of water that make up the Estuary; likewise, she seeks voluntary support and strategic alliances.


Pedro Gelabert

Carlos Fernández Lugo

Carl A. Soderberg

Marilú Jiménez

Ing. Federico Stubbe

Pedro Pierluisi, Esq
President, Management Conference SJBE

Hon. Tania Vázquez
Secretary of the DRNA and President of the Environmental Quality Board

Hon. Elí Díaz Atienza
Executive President of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority

Ernesto Díaz
President of the Scientific Committee

Francisco “Paco” López
President of the Citizens Committee

Pedro Gelabert
President of the Corporation for the Conservation of the SJBE

Carmen Guerrero
Director of the Environmental Protection Caribbean Division of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency

Hon. María del Carmen Gordillo Pérez
President of the Puerto Rico Planning Board

The entity has the following active committees that meet several times in the year:

      • Scientific and Technical Committee (STAC)
      • Citizens Committee (CAC)

The President of the STAC and the President of the CAC, respectively, they represent the academy / technology sectors and the residents before the Board of Directors of the Consortium.

About Us

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that designs, implements and tracks restoration actions to improve water quality and associated ecosystems within the San Juan Bay Estuary system and its basin. The program involves citizens, visitors and tourists, and is associated with the governmental, private, scientific, academic and community sectors.

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