Environmental Scientific Day at Caimito

¡El Estuario comienza en Caimito! (The Estuary begins in Caimito!) was the slogan for Estuario’s latest Environmental Scientific Day, celebrated at the Caimito Cultural Center and Resilient Community hub, on Friday, February 28 2020. Estuario hosted students from the Inés María Mendoza school, grades 9-12. Guardians of the Estuary from the Sor Isolina Ferré school volunteered to help with our workshop stations, as well as members of the Center for Investigation, Research and Education in Environmental Nanotechnology (CIRE2N) from the University of Puerto Rico, and mobile laboratory Ciencia Móvil. Students participated in water quality monitoring, birdwatching, microplastics identification, oil management, water hydrolysis, and galvanic cell workshops.


  • Trail trip & birdwatching workshop through Old San Juan with students from Academia Inter Metro. 2/26/2020.
  • Trail trip & birdwatching workshop with a group of homeschooling students through Old San Juan. 2/27/2020.


Monthly Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring

This week, we performed our monthly WQM with volunteers through the San Juan Bay and several locations within the watershed. Volunteers were able to use the activity to accumulate hours for their Citizen Scientist Certifications with Estuario.

Weekly Water Quality Monitoring

Here are the results: